Our values

Founded in 2011, 56k is a team of professionals based in Brussels, Belgium.
We love to create partnerships with good people and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions.

We build thoughtful web applications to empower organizations.

Amaury Lesplingart, 56k Co-Founder

What we do

Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists, not generalists. We are pragmatic. We build the best applications to give organizations and companies the tools to face challenges, improve their processes, and save time. We first put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to understand their pains and needs.

Helping our customers move forward

Discovery & Strategy, Branding, Interface, Creative Design, Production Development, Solutions

Why we do it

We believe in the power of good practices. We thrive on building relationships and helping good people and organizations succeed through a collaborative process.



Our standards

  • Make it Better
  • Keep it Real
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Stupid
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Ask More Questions
  • Just do it

Our core standards serve as the foundation of behaviors that drive us.

Jeremy Longheval, 56k Co-Founder