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Remember the summer of 2016 when Pokemon GO © was released?

As everybody did we tried the game and were impressed by the amount of data gathered by the app. After a few tries we discovered the scanner “hack” and decided to build a data overlay to help players in Brussels to understand the game and make the hunt more enjoyable.


We decided to attack the MySQL database through a simple PHP application build on to of the PogoMap datas and contacted Simon Vandereecken to build together the Brusselopole website. 56k was in charge of the back-end and Simon designed the all interface and logo. We also decided to build a network of scanners based of Raspberry PI deployed in Brussels. The network grown up to 12 nodes.


A few weeks after the release the website was #1 on Reddit Sub about Pokemon GO and reached 150k world wide visitors. Many cities wanted the same application and requested us to deploy our system. As it was impossible for us to maintain such a system we decided to open-source the all development and publish it on Github.

Now Worldopole is still in development by a community of World Wide Developers and is available in 7+ languages

Amaury Lesplingart

Scope of work

Development Services
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • API Development
  • Open Sourcing

Other recent projects

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