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Fedarene is a federation of public and mixed entities working on energy and environment policies. It is also a long time 56k client. One of their concerns was to renew their website –  already a 56k creation – after 5 years of good service. Furthermore, with now almost 100 members, they also faced a high increase of content they generate.  It was thus important to provide a new, effective and usable extranet.

The idea of the new website was to be more user-friendly and to give a better understanding of Fedarene and its members’ activities.

Fedarene passes European regional authorities’ energy policies on. Its targeted audience includes European institutions, other public and regional authorities and agencies, media, and citizens in general. It was thus important for the federation to let its members post their own content.

Building an Intranet was a real need for Fedarene. It allows the team to share private information and members to promote their best practices, events or news.


Members produce rich and numerous content that takes several forms : best practices, publications, news, events. Several members participate to common pan-regional projects. 56k designed a new usable, simple a beautiful tool for them.

Simultaneously, it was important for Fedarene to keep control over the content policy. Another important feature for the federation was to manage content through a customised set of content types. Furthermore, we had to implement complex relationships between different types of content, content and authors.

56k customised a tool that would ease our client’s tasks in their everyday content management in the first place. While building the extranet we also kept in mind that an effective tool is a tool that has the support of its members or users.

Scope of work

Interface Design Services
  • Content Strategy
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Visual Design
Development Services
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development

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