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Orelsan Quizz


Orelsan is the triple winner of the Victoire de la Musique 2018. In order to promote his new album “La fête est finie”  it was decided to create a minimalist campaign website. 56k collaborated on the project with Caviar Agency.

“Basic” and “simple” are the keywords of the single with which Orelsan launched his new album. Therefore we had to think of an apparently basic and simple interface to convey a more complicated and subtle message. Things are never simple. However, if you analyse facts and people with lucidity and are ready not to lie to yourself, you may get closer to intellectual honesty.

We thought of  conceiving a quizz presenting false alternative answers to underline the absurdity of a society that wants simple answers in a complex world.  The rythm of the music and the beat of those two words “simple” and “basic” inspired us in the creation process.

References to the lyrics of this now famous song set the pace all through the quizz. Assumptions follow one another and strike you by their strength and their inner truth. Follow the rythm of the 15 so-called questions you are asked to answer, and get more and more into the artist’s world view. Looks simple, doesnt’it? So why do we still make the same mistakes? Why does one still need to repeat the obvious truth?


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