Our expertise is yours

Our team is proficient in an array of services to help elevate your organization.
We work with you to build comprehensive, thoughtful and purpose-driven experiences.
Let’s talk about how our services, from website creation to maintenance, can add value to your company.

Website Creation

We work with the latest web-standards and explore new techniques. Above all, delivering smart web solutions is our pride. Similarly, our websites are  visually attractive and user friendly too!

Wordpress Content Management System

WordPress is a Content Management System. It allows you to manage dynamic websites. Concretely, you are autonomous and do not need any technical skills. We develop and customize websites for you. As a result, you can update the content yourself. For instance, you can use the WordPress administration panel  for news, menus, and much more.


We can help you be visible on the internet. Most noteworthy, we  accompany you on the web so that orders increase and  more customers are drawn in your physical store.

Intranet & Extranet

We centralize your data and improve your users’ experience.  Hence, you are provided with user-friendly tools. Also, you can easily manage projects, members communication, etc. Certainly our main focus is on usability,  security and stability.


We offer SSL secure and reliable hosting services. First of all, we meet websites performance requirements.
Besides, 56k can take care of all formalities to transfer your website to your new hosting service.

Support & Maintenance

We offer optional support and maintenance for your needs. For this reason, our customers are sure their website or application is being watched over.

Our offices are based in Brussels. We are connected to our clients. We organise meetings as soon as required to understand their needs.

Claire Mery - Project Manager @ 56k